Ben Cross

You will see Ben around the club either helping with Surf Sports and IRB Training. If he’s not helping there he’s seen with a drill or a skill saw or hammer and nails making racks or fixing trailers.

Ben has been involved with the club since he was a young fella.

Ben is one of the clubs most experienced lifeguards. Ben is a Patrol Captain, an IRB Instructor, a member of the HB Callout Squad that deal with maritime emergencies, takes our infamous Crossfit Sessions and if you don’t know what pain is come along to one these.

For those who haven’t been at the club lately Ben has installed new rows of hooks in the both the men’s and ladies change rooms, along with two racks for life jackets and helmets.

So many jobs get done around the club that typically get unnoticed that have been done by Ben and his trusty helpers.

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