Board members

Alan Thompson – President

Ken Laurie – Chair


Email: chair@waimaramasurf.org.nz


Michael Bassett Foss -Surf Sport Director

I’ve been involved in surf lifesaving from age 14, which is a long time ago!

I have been fortunate to be involved in many of the pathways that surf lifesaving offers, from national sports teams to club, regional, national and international working committees and governance functions.

My wife and I now stay involved to participate with our teenage children, for the fantastic friendships, to stay fit (and young at heart) and because its great fun. As the saying goes, “in it for life” … in so many ways.

Email: surfsports@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Cornelius Venter – Co-Lifeguard Director


Email: lifeguard@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Rachel Finlayson – Co-Lifeguard Director

Hi, I’m Rachel, Co-Director of Lifeguarding. I started nippers when I was 10 and have been involved with lifeguarding, surf sport and IRB. I am also an examiner and becoming an official, so I have been involved in all aspects of the club.

Email: rachel@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Michael Peterson – IRB Director


Email: irb@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Cushla McLaren – Junior Surf Director

I joined Waimarama SLSC aged 11 as a Nipper way back, became a lifeguard aged 14 (left to pursue university/life) and returned to our club when our oldest children were 9. My immediate family now
proudly has three Lifeguards, an Official, a Rookie Lifeguard and a Oceans’ Athlete Junior! We are all IN IT FOR LIFE!

I love Surf Life Saving and all it offers to its members; the safety aspect, the fun and whanau part and the competition side of things – there truly is something for all. Come join us!

Email: juniors@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Tash McLean – Education Director

I initially became a lifeguard in Dunedin when I was at University.  I have always loved being in the ocean, particularly going for ocean swims out the back.  When my kids became involved in Junior Surf it seemed natural to become more involved with the club. I started helping at Junior Surf and started patrolling at Waimarama in 2016.  I joined the board in 2020 and the Regional Lifeguard Committee in 2021. I have recently become a Peer Supporter and I hope to support our lifeguards wherever I can. Waimarama SLSC has been a great community for our family to be involved in. I am always amazed by how much time and energy people give to the club, each other, and the community! I love seeing our juniors progress from their first swim out the back through to becoming lifeguards and seeing what pathways they choose to be involved in from everything surf lifesaving has to offer.

Email: education@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Rhys Harman – General Director/IRB Coach

Waimārama Beach in Hawkes Bay has been my home since I was born. Both of my parents grew up through Waimārama Surf Club and are both still active members today. I also have three siblings, all of which have been heavily involved in all aspects of surf lifesaving. I joined the club as a lifeguard at the age of 14 and have voluntarily patrolled our beach for the last 12 seasons. From the age of 16, up until last season, I have worked the summer months as a senior and head regional guard for Hawkes Bay. I love the competition side of surf lifesaving as well and have battled in the waves for many years, winning a few New Zealand titles on the way. I love the family aspect of our club and I have developed many friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime. Lifeguarding over the years has taught me a lot. Lives rest on your decisions and skill. You are often put in situations that physically and mentally push your skills and knowledge to their limits. There is a large learning curve and you never know when a test is going to come. But what you learn will stick with you forever.  See you at the beach!

Email: rhys@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Jarrod Lowe – General Director

I have been a member of the Waimārama Surf Lifesaving Club since 2010. Since becoming a member of the Club I have run the Junior Surf programme for 5 years and now moved into a General Directors role. I also have a seat at the table Surf Sport Committee. My family is totally involved with the club, my wife being a Surf Official, and three children lifeguarding.

Email: jarrod@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Katie Geary – General Director

Email: katie@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Nicola Hazelwood

Nic Hazelwood – General Director

My Family and I have been involved with Waimarama Surf Club for approx 7 Years, starting out with Junior surf on Sundays as a parent helper. From there I went on to help with Oceans Nationals being a team manager. It was with this involvement where opportunities continued to grow and be explored as I soon learnt and saw what NZ Surf had to offer to all its members. With the love of the beach and surf, a passion for helping people, and wanting to keep fit and get involved, I soon qualified as a lifeguard. Followed by completing my instructors award. I enjoy patrolling over the
summer as it’s a great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.

Email: nicola@waimaramasurf.org.nz

Bella Bassett-Foss- Club Captain