Friends of Waimārama


Friends of Waimārama

A hand up in the Ocean is the recognised sign that someone
needs help! Our hand is up for your help!

A Message from our Chairman

We are committed to our community and play a critical role in the continued safety of the public on Waimārama beach, but we need your help now.

Thousands of visitor’s flock to Waimārama beach every summer to enjoy the gorgeous sun, long expansive golden sand and wild surf.

Our lifeguards give up their precious spare time for no financial incentive, only satisfaction in a job well done and an intangible obligation to keep the people safe who visit Waimarama beach. In the last three years, 104 of these people were caught unaware by the silent dangers at Waimārama – the rips, unpredictable waves and holes, and were rescued and assisted from the water by our lifeguards. We are also often the first point of call for boating incidents and medical injuries in the community…broken bones, dislocated shoulders, cuts and burns…and for those who have suddenly fallen ill, we are often on hand until the ambulance arrives.

However – patrolling our beach is expensive. Last year it cost our club approx. $89,000 to cover the costs of the operational running of our club.

Please help us continue this vital service by becoming a ‘Friend of Waimārama Surf Life Saving’.

Ken Laurie​
Chairman,  Waimārama Surf Life Saving Club

Mailing address: contact@waimaramasurf.org.nz
Clubrooms: Moori Road, Waimārama
Contact Phone: 06 876 8086
Postal: PO Box 858, Hastings, 4156

Become a Friend of Waimārama Surf Life Saving

How do I become a Friend of Waimārama Surf Life Saving?
It’s easy, simply email us at contact@waimaramasurf.org.nz and we will be touch with you.

What is the minimum donation to become a Friend of Waimārama Surf Life Saving?
In order to join our Friends programme – a minimum of $1,000 over a 12-month period is needed.
Your donation can be broken down to monthly payments if you prefer.

Are you a registered charity for tax purposes?
Yes, we are a registered charity and donation receipts will be issued.

How will we acknowledge your support as a Friend of Waimārama Surf Life Saving?
Your name will be detailed on the Waimārama supporters sign, our club website and promotion of your contribution during the year.
You will receive an invitation to an annual thank you function hosted by the club.
You will receive an annual certificate/photo of appreciation from the club.
If you are in business, we can provide an opportunity to offer the clubs members agreed upon deals, specials and offers.

Friends of Waimārama

Our hand is up for your help!

  • Personal name or business name you require the donation receipt to be issued to
  • If different than above
  • Please deposit funds to our TSB Bank Account number: 15 3974 0052240 00 Please detail your name on the reference field for the direct payment, or if you decide to pay this amount by way of monthly automatic payments please detail the same on the automatic payment.

In anticipation, we thank you for your support

With your donation, you are supporting the Waimārama Surf Life
Saving Club to save lives and prevent injury at Waimārama beach.