Rhys Harman

Rhys Harman is being awarded Waimārama Clubbie of the month for his his leadership and organisation of the IRB round the island race that was held on the 22nd of June in some outstanding Hawke’s Bay winter weather. 

 With 5 teams on the start line for this inaugural race consisting of 3 members in each crew, racing was close and action packed. 

 Rhys was instrumental in pulling this race together, planning and organising the course.

Managing entries of the teams and pulling together enough gear to enable 5 teams to compete, along with all the logistics of getting things to run as smoothly as they did. 

Rhys also managed to jump in a boat himself and take out 3rd place with his team, which was no easy feat considering the amount of talent spread over the 5 teams. 

 Rhys also organised an aftermatch BBQ for all the teams, support crews and members of the club which was a huge success. 

This event was awesome to be apart of and there is already a huge buzz around next years race. 

Congratulations Rhys on pulling together this event and helping to create something that allows everyone in Waimārama SLSC to come together and have some fun. 

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  • by Bob dickson
    July 8, 2019 7:27 pm 0Likes

    What a great event . Agree totally with clubbie of the month . Sorry I was not able to attend but it was two weeks after a full right knee replacement and still extremely painful . Look forward to the next one . Regards bob dickson

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